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Resumes: first impressions are lasting, indeed!
When job-hunting your resume represents you on paper, and provides the potential employer with their first impression of you. Not only does your resume speak of your qualifications and communicate your expertise, it also reflects your characteristics as an individual.

Resumes tell all: they show whether you are detail oriented or careless, organized or unfocused, serious or light-hearted. Resumes reveal your soul and serve as portals to employers and the positions they have available. Those data-filled documents determine whether you enter the premises for further consideration, or not.

A well-written resume is the initial key to gainful employment. Here are some basic resume writing tips for your perusal:

  • Use action verbs in job descriptions, i.e. "produce", "manage", "generate", "establish", etc.
  • Quantify results with numbers and percentages, for example: "Close 80% of leads averaging 20 sales per month, totaling a quarter of a million dollars in annual revenues."
  • Include number of people managed, if applicable, for instance: "Supervise a staff of 12."
  • Maintain present tense even when referring to past employment.
  • List unrelated employment in a separate section, such as "Independent projects" or "Other employment".

For career advancement tips and services, including resume and cover letter writing, contact Rocio Yaffar:

  • Resume writing
  • Resume updating/editing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Career counseling
  • Job assessment
Telephone and e-mail consultation are available for all your career advancement needs.
Complimentary 15-minute consultation when you mention this web page.

Rocio Yaffar
Career Advancement Director
Phone: 305-322-2161

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